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Movers and Shakers; Nashville.

Apr 1, 2022

Nashville is quickly becoming one of the popular hotspots not only for excellent Tech talent, but also for ex-pats looking for a new city to immerse themselves in. 


Known for its legendary country music venues and wide variety of food and sightseeing, it’s packed full of culture, good energy, and fun people. We’re excited to share with you our “A-Z” of everything Nashville related, from the average rent price if you’re relocating with us, or to know where the best ramen is, we’ve got your back.


Movers and Shakers; Nashville.


What’s the city like?


Nashville is surrounded by music and booming nightlife. With a population of only circa 650,000, Nashville has the buzz that you’d want from a city without it being too overwhelming; it also carries one of the lowest unemployment rates, which helps to boost its economy and also create a safe environment for those who live there!


Average rent price?


Rent in Nashville is cheaper than in most popular flagship cities in the USA, with the average rent price coming in at $1,700 for 887 square feet. It is possible to find cheaper, though, as well as room shares which can be great if you’re watching your budget. 


Generally, the square footage for apartments are a lot higher, meaning that if you do decide to spend a bit more money on a studio or a one-bedroom, you’ll still be getting great value for money in comparison to other cities like NYC and L.A. 


Weather (and the wardrobe)


You can be sure to experience all four seasons in Nashville, with the summers being hot (and somewhat muggy at times) and the winters bringing snow! If you need some inspiration, there are tons of bloggers you can follow here who will give you the best tips on what to wear, as well as where to go in Nashville.


Culture and food


Nashville is known to have some of the best eateries and bars (although, we may be biased)… Here are some of our favourites:



Religion and faith


Nashville is incredibly multicultural and has local Mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, Orthodox churches, Christian churches, Catholic churches, and Synagogues. 


From an accessibility perspective, these are all dotted around the city and enable individuals to practice their faith whilst living in Nashville. 


Getting outdoors


From museums, to art galleries, to sitting in a park with a coffee, Nashville really has it all. The Cumberland River runs through the centre of the city, giving the locals the opportunity to enjoin the beautiful scenery and dynamic that it brings!


Find some of our favourite activities here


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